Have you ever wondered what goes on at a STEAMLabs summer camp?

Well, today we’ve decided to give you a sneak peak into the Web Controlled Arduino Robotics camp by sharing the activities we have planned for a very important day: day one!

We like to call day one “The Hook”, when we get kids excited about tech. On this day we like to get kids talking about how technology can be used to reduce your carbon footprint. The STEAMLabs space will be divided into stations: a 3D printing station, a self-driving car station, and a station dedicated to programming Jade Robots.

So let’s (virtually)explore these stations!

3D Design and Printing

At this station we’ll start with a ten minute overview of our preferred 3D design program, Tinkercad. Participants will then spend around half an hour designing their own objects. There will be a few possible objects for them to choose from, including a solar panel for the self-driving car they just learned about.

Self-Driving Cars

There are few technologies more exciting than self-driving cars. At this station, participants will learn about self-driving cars: how they work and why they’re a good thing. They’ll also learn the basic programming principles used to create something like a self-driving car.

At this point the participants will be separated into three groups, each with its own Jade Robot. Each group will be given a challenge, such as programming the Jade Robot so it stops when it senses red(like a self-driving car would stop at a traffic light). There’s even a bonus challenge planned if the students complete the initial challenges quickly enough.

User Interface & Data Visualization

The goal here is to transform the data these participants have collected into a teaching tool. Students will organize the data they’ve gathered and decide which data is most important to include. This will allow us to explore several questions: what can people learn from this data? Who will use this data? How can it be organized so people can get the information they need quickly?

Sensors & Data Collection

Participants will be divided into teams once more to complete the final station. Each team will be given a list of objects they have to find. Their goal will be to find all the objects on their list and measure the total power used by each one, recording their findings on a class whiteboard. Some items will be provided directly; others will need to be found.

Does this sound like something your kids would enjoy?

If it does, you’ll be happy to know that we still have a few spots left in our Web Controlled Arduino Robotics camp.┬áThe camp is filling up quickly though, so claim your spot now!