Discover how Canadian environmental data can help us make better decisions in solving the problem of climate change by building a maker exercise using the micro:bit hardware.



Create their own Data Visualization Exhibits to communicate different climate science topics! Your exhibits will use the Micro:bit coding along with electronics and data from the Data Set List below.

Follow the instructions on how to use the coding and hook up your electronics. Try to adapt the code to make the exhibit your own!





Electricity Usage Generated by Fossil Fuels

With this dataset you are able to see hourly data of a province’s electricity output, you can view the different fuel types and how much each type is contributing to the output and the total output for that province. You can view data from 2015 all the way to the present year.

Heavy Precipitation Days

Get access to Canada’s projected change mean annual precipitation or its individual provinces. Travel to the past, present and the two possible climate futures (High or Low carbon scenario).

Future Temperature Change in Different Climate Scenarios

This data shows the annual mean temperature of Canada and its individual provinces starting from the past (1976-2005), the immediate future(2021-2050) and our 2 possible futures (2051-2080) (“High Carbon” or “Low Carbon” Scenario).

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The amount of kilotonnes of carbon dioxide a province or Canada has contributed to the environment.

COMING SOON - Gather Your Own Data!

Have your class collect their own climate-focused data. Whether students ask their peers how often they bike to school, or if they use outside resources to collect data on climate change. With this option, students have the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of creating a data visualization exhibition!


Calling all educators! KCJ has developed FREE and awesome Data Visualization teacher guides to support you and your classroom. Sign up for teacher training and classroom consultation to take your electronic and micro:bit coding to the next level!

You have your code – now it’s time to show it off! Order your electronic kits from the Gorilla Store. The kits come with everything you need to make communicate your data and tell your climate science story. Teachers can order bulk classroom kits for their students to make math and science fun!

Want to show off your data visualization creation or check out other ones students have designed? Check out Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants monthly presentation where we explore a Genaction Science Spotlight and learn ways of telling stories through data!

We are grateful to Amazon Future Engineer for funding this work!


GenAction is an initiative of the Inspiring Youth to Climate Action project funded by The Government of Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund. GenAction is led by a strong Partnership Collective of leaders within the science centre sector including: Discovery Centre, the Canadian Association of Science Centres (CASC) – representing over 45 science centres, museums, and information learning organizations across Canada – Science North, and The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre. 

With the support of the Environmental Damages Fund from 2021-2024, GenAction will increase youths’ understanding of climate change science, empower them to take action on climate change, and inspire them to become leaders in climate action now and into the future.