Kids who grow up understanding how to create with technology as opposed to just using the products of technology will be the ones to shape our future. steamlabs can help you design technology innovation experiences that give people access to that way of thinking.


Since setting up the first kids makerspace in Canada in 2010, we have designed innovation spaces for the Ontario Science Centre, the Maker Bean Cafe, The Centre for Social Innovation and the Toronto Tool library, and have consulted for numerous science centres, schools and libraries.

Educational Programs with Innovation Experience at the Core

Steamlabs has partnered with organizations such as Amazon Future Engineers, Kids Code Jeunesse and Actura to facilitate and develop leading edge, critical thinking, and engaging Artificial Intelligence educational programs. Our focus on AI curriculum hopes to empower user’s to understand AI technologies and to enable participants to analyze, interpret and reflect on their role and impact on future advancements.

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Steamlabs has worked with many organizations across the country to help them develop and deliver STEAM education programs. Here’s a sampling of organizations in Toronto that we’ve worked with, check out their awesome programs!

Ontario Science Centre

Over our 3 year partnership, we have co-developed exhibits, run the “Inventorium” makerspace, after school program, weekend workshops. Over 830,000 people have made something with laser cutting, 3D printing, electronics, and other technology at our programs with the OSC!

Scientists in School

Steamlabs developed an AI education program for Scientists in School to deliver to grade 1-2 students in Ontario and Manitoba.

The Maker Bean Cafe

Makerbean is the torch-bearer of our kids afterschool programs and summer camps. Many of our wonderful program staff now work for them delivering awesome experiences!

Amazon Future Engineer

We are grateful to AFE and Actua for funding our various AI education programs. With their help, we have developed and delivered accessible and easy-to-follow AI programs to teachers, youth, and industry professionals.


Royal Ontario Museum

Steamlabs helped develop a STEAM program and train ROM education staff. They have an on-site makerspace for school programs.

Toronto Tool Library

Steamlabs designed and built the well equipped TTL makerspace in the Centre for Social Innovation, and helped develop their youth and adult programs.

Kids Code Jeunesse

With the team at KCJ, Steamlabs produce and delivered AI educational programs directly to KCJ teachers, staff and classrooms!


Toronto Public Library

We’ve had the pleasure to work with the TPL delivering STEAM programs to underserved neighbourhoods across the city, and helping to train initial staff for their awesome digital innovation hubs

Teknisk Museum

If you happen to be in Norway, steamlabs advised on setting up the makerspaces in the 8 science centres across the country.


Inventorium 2.0

steamlabs has co-created 2 exhibitions with the Ontario Science Centre, the Inventorium and Inventorium 2.0 are all about inspiration and bringing ideas to life. Visitors design, build, test and iterate various projects using high-tech equipment such as laser cutters and drag-and-drop coding kiosks. Design templates on paper and kiosks guide them towards success without limiting their creative and innovative options.


ZerotoStartup is an uniquely designed 13 week program that will help youth, ages 12 -17, unlock their creativity and become problem solvers within our society. We believe that youth have the ability to change the world when given the right resources and mentorship support. At ZerotoStartup, we are not only hoping to create the next wave of changemakers, but to create a change in the world starting with today’s future leaders. Youth don’t need to come with any prior knowledge of technology, just a willingness to learn. Empower yourself to create your own future.

Maker Camps

steamlabs runs camps, after-school programs, weekend workshops and birthday parties that get kids using their hands to create something they are proud of. Children build confidence in the use of hand-tools and digital fabrication machines such as our laser-cutter or our bank of 3D printers. They learn to code using physical robotics, progressing quickly from MakeCode to industry-standard Python.

Play, Design, Make & Celebrate

Steamlabs has refined a recipe for developing programs over our 8 years of operation, taking into account best practices from others, research, and field testing. All of our programs utilize this recipe to ensure consistent results. 


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