Every year, new technology makes the maker movement more accessible to everyone. The tech does more every year and the costs only get cheaper. And every year, STEAMLabs gets to incorporate some of this awesome new tech into our programs.

This year we’re excited to be working with the latest model of Jade Robots from Mimetics Canada.

JadeRobotSo what are Jade Robots?

They’re awesome little robots people of all ages can use to learn programming. They come with a built in user interface so students can start using them right away, along with example programs already built in so students can see how they work. Jade Robots are even environmentally friendly, using rechargeable batteries and reusable packaging.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Jade Robots also come with their own curriculum-specific lesson plans so teachers can start using them right out of the box–even if they’re not programmers themselves.

Perhaps most importantly, Jade Robots are super affordable. Other robots with the same level of functionality cost 10 times as much, making them difficult or impossible to attain for even the most affluent classrooms. Mimetics has worked hard to bring the cost of Jade Robots all the way down to $30, making them accessible to everyone, even classrooms.

And this is only the beginning! Mimetics is already planning new features for the next generation of Jade Robots, including both software changes and physical extensions like the pen holder in the image above.

We’ve already ordered our Jade Robots–you might want to order yours today.

Want to get your kids playing with Jade Robots this summer? Sign them up for our Web Controlled Arduino Robotics summer camp!