STEAMLabsKickstarterHere at STEAMLabs we want to change the world by inspiring the next generation of makers and inventors, and it starts by building the most amazing Makerspace ever created within Toronto’s downtown core.

We’ve already secured the perfect space–the entire ground floor of the Centre for Social Innovation‘s newest space at Spadina and King–and begun renovations, but we need your help to fill the space with all kinds of high tech making equipment for our programs.¬†STEAMLabs will build an incredible Maker community within Toronto’s downtown core, but we need Toronto’s community to help build STEAMLabs first.

We cannot run our amazing programs without the correct equipment, so we’ve started a Kickstarter to raise the $20, 000 we need to fill our space with a laser cutter, a suite of 3D printers and a CNC machine. The STEAMLabs Kickstarter¬†began this morning and will continue until May 7th.

There are many new Kickstarters coming out every day, but what sets STEAMLabs apart from the others is that when you fund our space, you aren’t just building our dream–you’re building the dreams of thousands of kids throughout the GTA.

Of course, we also offer our backers a number of rewards beyond the intangible warm-and-fuzzy feeling you’ll get from knowing you’re helping kids become inventors. To see the full list of rewards, check out the STEAMLabs Kickstarter campaign page.

Many of our rewards are limited to a set number of people, so make sure you claim yours now!