Build a Starting Gate

What You’ll Need

  1. Starting Gate Design Template
  2. Cardboard (corrugated)
  3. Straws
  1. Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  2. Barbecue skewer or similar thin stick


Cut out your pieces

Take the Starting Gate Design Template, cut out all the shapes, and glue them onto your cardboard. After that, cut out and arrange all your pieces so you’re sure you have everything


Glue on Wall Pieces

Take the 7 strips labeled ‘Wall A’ and glue them to the corresponding shaded areas at the top of your template base. Next, take the 2 smaller strips, labeled ‘Wall B’ and glue them on the two spots on the bottom


Building the Gate Support

Grab the 4 pieces labeled Gate Support, and glue them together in pairs, so that you have a 2 double think pieces of cardboard. Glue these two pieces on the side in the shaded areas. Make sure there is about 2 cm between the the pieces


Building the Gate

Next, take the parts labelled Gate A and Gate B and glue B to the shaded area on A, making sure its standing straight. After that, you will need to cut a 2 cm piece from a straw, and glue it to the other end of Gate A. Glue the Handle piece to the flip side of that, and we’re ready to attach it all together


Putting It All Together

The final step needs the thin barbecue skewer. Cut it down so it spans between the two Gate Support pieces. Now simply place the finished gate onto the base, and make sure the skewer is going through the straw as well as the Gate Support pieces.

….and there you have it, your very own Starting Gate