Yesterday we showed off the epic Minecraft creations from our first week of Minecraft Pro camp, and now it’s time to show you all the awesome things our campers accomplished in week two!

Building a World

DSC_0083In week two we decided to start with a new world. We divided the world into sections and kids got to claim the sections they worked on. Some wanted to focus on individual projects and other kids wanted to form groups. We made sure every kid had the time to build something on their own as well as the opportunity to contribute to a group project.

By the end of the week the kids had populated this world with buildings of all shapes and sizes, cool NPCs(non-player characters) and epic quests. But don’t take my word for it–check them out for yourself.

The PVP Boat

DSC_0039A few of the campers decided to create a PVP (Player Vs. Player) arena in the shape of a boat. This area featured a couple different PVP challenges.

For the first challenge participants were asked to empty their inventories and split up into two teams. On the boat, players armed themselves by pulling weapons off of a wall. Players were asked to take one of each weapon. One team was asked to set traps, transforming the boat into an epic obstacle course. The player who reached the top of the tallest sail won the challenge for their team.

DSC_0047The second challenge was a bit more unusual. Players lined up in front of a large contraption consisting of several character-sized box. One team went into the boxes while the other team watched. The team who stepped into the boxes got a simple choice: pull the mystery lever or choose to get shot. The tricky part? Pulling the mystery lever might still get you shot.

We often think about games in terms of winning and losing, but the kids who got shot during this challenge still enjoyed themselves. The laughter was both endless and contagious.

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song

Since we already had a PVP boat, why not continue making things with a pirate theme? One of our campers created a series of blocks–leading to the PVP boat, of course–that played different notes from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. Step on them in the right order, and you can hear the song!

The City

DSC_0111Of course, a world isn’t complete without a city. Four campers took it upon themselves to create an epic Minecraft city.

This ambitious project took up a lot of the campers’ week, but by Friday afternoon they had created an awesome skyline reminiscent of the city we live in.

Their city featured a parkour tower, where players are challenged to jump their way to the top. If a player falls off the tower they automatically respawn at the bottom of the tower.


Building Houses

Every player needs somewhere to live. Some chose to build their houses around the city. Others chose to build DSC_0082houses virtual no-mans-land, far away from anything the other kids had built.

Players also chose how much detail they added to their houses. One house featured a well stocked kitchen, a TV(with two shows: Nyan cat and He-Man), and even a backyard with a grave for their pig. Another house held boxes and boxes full of weapons, armour and anything else the player might need. Yet another house featured a kitchen with all the appropriate appliances but none of the food.

Pig Racing

This challenge is pretty simple: you ride a pig to the finish line, using a carrot hanging from a stick to direct them towards the finish line. Coloured suits found at the starting line make it easy for you to keep track of who is winning the race, which is crucial when you can have up to four racers.

Fighting the Legion of Darkness

DSC_0135One of the most interesting quests the kids created during the second week of our Minecraft Pro camp was to fight the legion of darkness. But first, you had to find the legion of darkness, who obviously don’t live anywhere near the city. On the bright side, one of the kids spent his days building teleportation points to help you complete quests quickly, so it doesn’t take too long to find the legion of darkness.

Once you’ve found the legion of darkness, however, you’re in for the battle of your life. You have to fight several members of the legion to get to the final chamber of their lair.

In the final chamber you meet the creature who controls the legion of darkness, Jaraxxus. You might recognize the name, as Jaraxxus is also a villain in a different video game, World of Warcraft. This version of Jaraxxus stands taller than the building itself(it has an open roof, of course), has several thousand health points, and respawns a mere five seconds after you defeat it. He’s definitely the toughest guy you’ll find in the Minecraft world our campers created.

An Obstacle Course With Only One ObstacleDSC_0129

This might not sound like a challenge, but when the only obstacle is lava and you’re trying to parkour your way up a tower, it’s pretty tricky. The student who built this challenge actually died five times during his presentation. Many kids would have created a secret path to make it easier, but this camper was all about the challenge.

What do you think, could you survive the lava-filled parkour tower?

Functional Steve

During the first week of Minecraft camp we worked with kids to make a robotic model of Steve, the character every Minecraft player starts as. We built the robot and the kids connected him to Minecraft, creating a pressure plate in-game that made Steve’s arm move when a player stepped on it.

In the second week of Minecraft camp a small group of campers came together to increase Steve’s functionality. Our goal? To make Steve a new, functional hand.

By the end of the week, Steve could smile, frown, move his arms and even close his hand. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video below to see for yourself:

Want to get your kids making epic stuff in Minecraft? Sign them up for our second Minecraft Pro camp!