Future Temperature Change in Different Climate Scenarios

About this Data Set

This data shows the annual mean temperature of Canada and its individual provinces starting from the past (1976-2005), the immediate future(2021-2050), and our 2 possible futures (2051-2080) (“High Carbon” or “Low Carbon” Scenario).

DATA SOURCE: https://climateatlas.ca/map/canada/annual_meantemp_baseline#

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Sample Projects


Project Description:

Map of Canada with a grid of holes punched out all across Canada. 8×8 neopixel grid behind. Microbit below. Press the microbit button A to change from different carbon scenarios – low carbon, medium, high. Press the microbit button B to change from 1980, 2000, 2020, 2040 and 2060. The microbit red LEDs light up to show what you have selected. The bottom row of neopixels just light up so you can draw a legend for what the colours mean. Map could be province instead of Canada.

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  • Canada (Coming Soon)
  • Alberta (Coming Soon)
  • British Columbia (Coming Soon)
  • Manitoba (Coming Soon)
  • New Brunswick (Coming Soon)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador (Coming Soon)
  • Nova Scotia (Coming Soon)
  • Prince Edward Island (Coming Soon)
  • Quebec (Coming Soon)
  • Saskatchewan (Coming Soon)
  • Northwest Territories (Coming Soon)
  • Nunavut (Coming Soon)
  • Yukon (Coming Soon)

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