DSC07359STEAMLabs had the opportunity to take some of our kids with us to the Toronto International Circus Festival in 2013. We brought some computers and some 3D printers with us and taught kids who stopped at our table about 3D design and printing.

Kids were encouraged to create the fantastical creatures they would like to see in a circus using the 123D Creature iPad app. In the morning we let the crowd pick their favourites and 3D printed the most beloved creatures for their creators to take home. Of course, we believe in giving every kid something worthwhile when they come to a STEAMLabs booth, so we also let participants stop by in the afternoon to have their 3D creatures printed.

The event ran for three days and was entirely free. Throughout the course of the weekend we helped hundreds of kids and their parents discover 3D printing, not to mention had a great time.