After School and Weekend Programs introduce kids to the fundamental skills of making and programming. Students will use hand tools, craft materials, and digital fabrication tools such as a 3D printer or a laser cutter to express themselves and create something unique.


There is nothing like using creativity and imagination to build everything from robots to entire virtual worlds. If you are looking for engaging activities for kids – we offer after school and weekend programs that teach the basics of coding, building & making in a fun environment.

Choose from themes like video game programming, Minecraft, Inventioneering (kids can turn sketched ideas into working prototypes), and more! We even have a program just for girls to encourage creativity and technical skill development in a positive and supportive environment.

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steamlabsruns camps, after-school programs, weekend workshops and birthday parties that get kids using their hands to create something they are proud of. Children build confidence in the use of hand-tools and digital fabrication machines such as our laser-cutter or our bank of 3D printers. They learn to code using physical robotics, progressing quickly from MakeCode to industry-standard Python.