Kids who grow up understanding how to create with technology as opposed to just using the products of technology will be the ones to shape our future. steamlabs can help you design technology innovation experiences that give people access to that way of thinking.


Since setting up the first kids makerspace in Canada in 2010, we have designed innovation spaces for the Ontario Science Centre, the Maker Bean Cafe, The Centre for Social Innovation and the Toronto Tool library, and have consulted for numerous science centres, schools and libraries.



Exhibition Design with Innovation Experience at the Core

steamlabs has co-created 2 exhibitions with the Ontario Science Centre, the Inventorium and Inventorium 2.0 are all about inspiration and bringing ideas to life. Visitors design, build, test and iterate various projects using high-tech equipment such as laser cutters and drag-and-drop coding kiosks. Design templates on paper and kiosks guide them towards success without limiting their creative and innovative options. 


Play, Design, Make & Celebrate!

The heart of a makerspace are the people who run it, and the programs they run. Setting up the space and equipment is easy in comparison. We offer a wide range of fully developed and tested programs, as well as consulting for capacity development activities such as hiring and training.




Exhibition Design with Maker Experience at the Core

Many centres are curious about the potential of a makerspace to communicate STEM and engage visitors, while other centres have makerspaces but would like them to be more effective and better connected to their other offerings.  At steamlabs, we have experience providing both direct support and advice on establishing an effective makerspace for educational institutions.




Play, Design, Make & Celebrate

Steamlabs has refined a recipe for developing programs over our 8 years of operation, taking into account best practices from others, research, and field testing. All of our programs utilize this recipe to ensure consistent results. 


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