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2-Day Maker Course for Educators



  • Erica Tiberia Maker Educator | Advisor
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2-Day Maker Educator Course | Summer 2017

A two-day course for educators who want to learn maker skills, technologies and teaching methodologies.

Maker Education is an interest-lead pedagogical style where learners design, plan, prototype and iterate on their very own physical projects. In this course participants will learn Maker skills, principles, tools & technologies by doing just that – building projects – in our downtown maker space. No previous technology experience is required, we’ll take you from the ground up!


This program has a focus on high tech making, including Arduino and Digital Fabrication.


On completion of this course participants will be familiar with the following tools and technologies:

  •  2D design
  • Digital fabrication using a laser cutter
  • Arduino programming


Aside from technical skills, participants of Maker Educator Boot Camp will also learn how to design and facilitate programs that encourage learners to:

  • exercise genuine creativity within real design constraints
  • brainstorm ideas and critically assess their viability
  • plan, prototype, fail fast, and move forward
  • be resourceful and use their network (online & off) to find answers
  • tap in to their own interests, share knowledge, and collaborate with others
  • embed learning by working on real physical projects


Day 1: Saturday August 5th from 10am-1pm
Day 2: Sunday August 6th from 10am-1pm

(you can stay after 1pm to continue building your project, but please note that you will not have access to the laser cutter or a lead instructor)


$120 per person

note: you may take home all laser cut materials, but Arduino + friends must stay at the lab to be reused! Arduinos are for sale at STEAMLabs if you would like to purchase one at an additional cost



STEAMLabs, 192 Spadina Avenue, M5T 2C2

note: if the front door is locked, please use our back entrance at 49 Cameron Street, accessible through the green P parking lots 200m south of the building.

What to bring

No need to bring anything other than yourself and a device for taking notes (note pad & pen, tablet etc.) We default to supplying computers for you, but if you’d like to bring your own, please do!


Want to know more? Email us at info@steamlabs.ca


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