9 and up - Age Range


Challenge Level: Low to Medium
Students per mentor

Do you often dream up ideas and inventions – but rarely ever get the chance to bring them to life? Using a combination of high tech tools (3D printing, laser cutting, electronics), wood working and craft, we provide the mentorship and structure to help you turn your sketched ideas into working prototypes – led by your own interests, imagination and ingenuity.


Whether you’re bursting with ideas, or you’re not sure what you’re interested in, we will guide you from idea to plan to making.


Past projects have included remote controlled shoes, a snack delivering robot, an alarmed heart-rate monitor, an internet controlled colour-changing marker and remote control spaceships.


Here are some of the technologies students will have the opportunity to work with:

  • 3D Design and Printing
  • Arduino programming
  • Electronics
  • Mechanisms
  • Woodworking



Sundays 1pm – 4pm


7 week program – $345


First Fall Cycle – Sept 9 to Oct 22nd

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Second Fall Cycle – Oct 30th to Dec 11th

 Enrollments now open! Use the sign up link below!


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