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Field Trips for Schools & Community Groups



Challenge Level: None
Students per mentor

Are you an educator interested in a hands-on learning opportunity for your class? STEAMLabs offers a number of educational field trip options for Grades 1-8. All sessions include: a tour of our makerspace, a Q&A period and project-based activities.

Option 1: 3D Design + 3D Printing

Duration: 3 hours
Price: $30/student

Description: Create your very own 3D printed keychain! Students will learn how to model 3D shapes in Tinkercad and then send it to a 3D printer to be printed in PLA plastic. Students can then animate their keychain using LED or basic electronics.

Option 2: 2D Design + Laser Cutting

Duration: 3 hours
Price: $30/student
Description: Create your very own lasercut lantern! Students will learn how to design 2D illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and then send it to a laser cutter to cut on wood. Students can then animate their lantern using LEDs or basic electronics.

How to book a field trip at STEAMLabs:

1. Submit an inquiry by emailing us at

2. Within 5 business days, pay a $300 deposit online (a link will be sent to you following your inquiry)

3. On the day of your field trip, please come prepared to pay the remaining balance of your field trip


Questions/concerns? Please take a look at our FAQs below.

If your question is not answered there, feel free to email


How long are your field trips?
We schedule field trip time slots to be a total of 3 hours long, on weekdays (M-F) from 10am-1pm. This give students enough time to complete a hands-on activity that requires both software and hardware tools, learn about the space, and ask questions.


What is the cost?
Our pricing model is based on $10/hour per student. For a 3 hour field trip, the total cost per student is $30.


Is there a minimum/maximum number of students needed to host a field trip?
Yes! We require a minimum number of 10 students to host a field trip. We have space for a maximum number of 30 students.


Why a $300 deposit?
This number is based on the minimum number of students (10) we require to host a field trip.


What is your cancellation policy?
10% fee when you cancel more than a month before program start date.
50% fee when you cancel between 1-4 weeks before program start date.
No refund for cancelations within a week before program start date.


Are your field trips tax exempt?
Yes! All of our field trip options are tax exempt.


What is your student to instructor ratio?
We always have a 10:1 of students to instructors (if not better!)


Do you require adult supervision during the field trip?
Yes, we expect at lease 1 adult supervisor to accompany the group and help with classroom management.


I would like to book a field trip on a different day that is not available in your calendar. Can I still book a field trip?
Unfortunately the time slots listed in the calendar are the only options available.


Are the students allowed to take home their creations?
For class sizes of 15+, we cannot always guarantee that everyone will go home with what they designed. 3D printing is a very slow process, and we only have one laser cutter, which means that 15+ projects are hard to finish by the end of a class. However, we make sure all students will go home with something! We have a number of pre-printed 3D printed items and pre-cut laser cut items [similar to something they might have designed in the class] that they can modify and take home.


My class is older than Grade 8. Are we still able to inquire about a field trip?
Yes! Please email for more information.


Will you offer more activity options soon?
Yes! We are currently working on some new curriculum packages and will offer them as field trip options as soon as we can.