Creating Cosplay

Creating Cosplay



Challenge Level: None
Students per mentor

What is this workshop?


For fans of anime, Japanese Culture and making … join the National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC), production designer Michiko Yano-Shuttleworth, and STEAMLabs on March 31st for an introduction to the creative world of Cosplay.


In this workshop, you will receive an overview to materials such as: thermal plastics, foams, woven knit fabrics, and tools used to build costumes and prop
pieces. As a group, we will discuss the potential uses of these materials and showcase various techniques through the use of live demos.


For the remainder of the session, you will have a chance to experiment with these materials and begin designing and prototyping your very own head piece, arm piece, or cape. We strongly recommend coming to the workshop with an idea in mind, so you can start to experiment and make during the workshop.

This workshop is for absolute beginners and experienced makers alike!

About Michiko:

As Production Designer at TVOntario Michiko has applied
her creative talents to award winning television productions with the dual
focus of entertainment and education. She has worked as freelance designer
on many films, television commercials, theatre and dance productions.


Michiko has been active as a director on numerous boards includingToronto
Japanese Language School, Zion School Museum and Gibson House Museum and
has been committee member for Heritage Committee at JCCC Toronto and
National NAJC Endowment Fund. Presently a director on the Toronto NAJC
board. Chair of the Community Development Fund for the NAJC and Madame


Michiko is retired from TVOntario, continues to consult on theatre and
television projects, is curating an interactive Japanese Toy Museum project
and will be giving Cosplay Workshops.


Friday March 31st, 630pm-930pm



STEAMLabs Maker Space, 49 Cameron Street, Toronto





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