3D Designer Animator

Location: Remote

Duration: Start date immediate, contract until December 31, 2022

Hours: Full time. We operate on a 4-day work week, and you are paid for a full 5-day work week

Salary: $23 to $27 per hour, based on experience


As a part of our commitment to ensuring a positive, nurturing and supportive work environment, Steamlabs has implemented a number of policies:

  • Fully remote team with the option to meet up in Toronto
  • 4-day work week, paid for a 5-day work week. Staff are expected to work only Monday through Thursday 9-5, but are paid for a full 35-hour work week. Fridays are your time, and you are not required to work or communicate with the team.
  • Professional coach on staff. Group mentoring sessions as well as individual personal coaching sessions to support you and your career.
  • Professional development. Staff are encouraged and mentored to continue developing their skills, with some courses and certification exams paid for. 
  • Support for the next step in your career development. We recognize that for many, Steamlabs is a step in their longer career direction, and we will help you achieve the steps that come after through mentorship, portfolio development and industry connections. 

Job Summary

In this role, you will develop 3D assets and animations for an online game for kids themed around taking action on climate change.


Day to day you will work closely with the Design Lead and the  rest of the development team that is creating the game. You will have an opportunity to contribute to the story of the game as well. We are using cutting edge AI tools such as DALLE to create content, so you will be trained on these tools.

About Steamlabs

Steamlabs is a Canadian science and technology education innovation non-profit established in 2010 to ensure people understand and think critically about science and technology, have equitable access to it, and can use it to solve their personal challenges, improve their communities and make the world a better place. Steamlabs mentors kids, teens, teachers and others at makerspaces across Toronto and around the world.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Collaborate with Design Lead and the rest of the team to develop a consistent look for the web based game
  • Produce Characters, props and location designs and animations in the formats specified by the game development team
  • Produce user interface elements for web based game
  • Produce templates for DALLE AI to iterate graphics (we’ll teach you!)
  • Take on various other art tasks other than UI, character, prop and location design (illustrations, cover art, layout, mock-ups etc.)
  • Collaborate with team members to participate in the game storytelling
  • Complete other operational tasks that relate to your role (e.g. project organization and researching new information)

Qualifications and Skills

You are a creative and energetic person who likes working with others. You celebrate failures, are comfortable in controlled chaos, and value the process over the product. You’re organized, flexible, and interested in growing your own learning and teaching practice. 


The skills and experience we are looking for include:


  • A college diploma in 3D for videogames or equivalent
  • 1 to 3 years of experience in videogame animation or equivalent
  • Experience with animation software such as 3ds Max or Maya
  • Proven teamwork and collaboration skills

Bonus Skills and Experience:

If you have any of these additional bonus skills, make sure to list them on your application:


  • Graphic design, UI, UX experience
  • Skills from the list from a different job than the one you are applying for such as web development, coding, or Artificial Intelligence
  • Experience teaching and/or developing educational programs and activities.
  • Experience with other science, technology, making or artistic skills
  • Fluent French speaker. Some of our participants speak French as their first language and our teaching materials will need to be translated.
  • Familiar with scrum project management
  • Support for a cause – tell us how you’ve made the world a better place in small ways or large.


Our participants include people with diverse backgrounds. Special consideration will be afforded to applicants from these communities, or with experience working with:


  • Persons with disabilities
  • Newcomers to Canada (including refugees)
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Members of a visible minority
  • People of colour
  • Members of the LGBTQ2+ community
  • Women and girls

About our work: AI, coding and climate change online activity development


AI is changing and disrupting many aspects of global society. By educating vulnerable youth on AI technology, we prepare them to use AI as their assistant to solve their personal challenges and improve their world. By discussing social implications and problems with AI around data security, inequity and bias, we prepare them to advocate for an equitable world where AI is used to support and enhance us rather than oppress and replace us. Climate change has increased levels of uncertainty about our future, with young people being the most vulnerable to impacts. By empowering youth to advocate for action, we help shape a better future.


To achieve this end, Steamlabs has been developing a series of AI, Machine Learning and Climate Change workshops for teens in grade K-12. Self-directed or facilitated, they are designed around examples useful and interesting to them. Participants develop creative, technical and personal skills through hands-on interest-lead learning. The activities are used by individuals and in schools, science centres, libraries, makerspaces and other settings. 


By the end of the workshops, students have a grounding in the 5 key areas of ML: data, learning, perception, representation & reasoning, and natural interaction. Societal Impacts are also discussed in all workshops. Climate change workshop participants will come away with new knowledge and new resolve to take action.

Why work with us?

  • We’re a small, agile team of friendly people with varied skills and experiences.
  • There are plenty of opportunities to learn, grow and try new things.
  • The Steamlabs Community (members, volunteers, program participants and otherwise) are awesome, and a pleasure and privilege to work with and for. 
  • We’re a workplace that embraces failure as the most potent form of learning!

How to apply:

Please send a resume, cover letter, and any relevant links via this form: