Volunteer with STEAMLabs PA Days

Volunteer with STEAMLabs PA Days

Help us bring technology and hands-on making to kids.

We’re on the hunt for volunteers to support staff in the delivery of PA Day programs to kids 6-13 years old, at our downtown makerspace in Toronto.


We enable kids to make their wildest project ideas come true using our high tech machines (3D printers & laser cutters), electronics, woodworking tools, and more. Our PA Day programs are always project based, so that each participant has a hand in bringing something to life.


See the descriptions and dates for our PA Days here. 


The only prerequisite for volunteering is that you love helping kids bring their weird and wonderful ideas to life. Bonus points if:

  • you’ve worked with kids before
  • you have experience making things (anything! cakes, sweaters, robots)
  • you have any technical skills (sewing, electronics, woodworking, 3D printing, illustrator, laser cutting etc.)


PA Days run from 9am-4pm, so we ask volunteers to arrive between 8-830am, depending on the set up and briefing required. We also ask that volunteers stay till 5pm to assist with pack up, participate in a debrief, and maybe even partake in a celebratory end of day donut.


Don’t hesitate to fill out this short expression of interest form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.