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At STEAMLabs, students are the instigators of their own learning, and seek out knowledge and skills (with the guidance of mentors) in order to imagine, design and create projects that interest them. If you prefer projects over textbooks, prototyping over practicing, collaboration over competition and creativity over conformity, then STEAMLabs is for you.


Robot Show Time

May 14th – June 25th, 2016


Robot Show Time is a 7 week course that introduces kids to the fundamental skills of robot building and programming. Using the newly released Dexter Robot kits, participants will assemble their own robot and use a kid-friendly drag and drop interface to program their robots to complete a mini-performance designed by them.



Video Game Programming for kids

[Commencing Tuesday 5th April]

In our video game programming class, kids will use Scratch software to create their own playable games. This software, developed by MIT, encourages creative and logical thinking and teaches real programming concepts. In addition to working individually, they will also work in groups, allowing them to focus on the parts of game design they enjoy the most – game mechanics, graphic design, sounds, programming and more.


Participants can join this class at any time in the first 4 weeks!


Minecraft Pro Class for kids

[Recommencing Saturday 26th March]

Minecraft Pro For Kids Program uses your child’s already established enthusiasm to extend their creative, collaborative, and problem solving skills. Participants will work on teams to design worlds, build projects and undertake missions with the guidance of our facilitators.


Note: The Saturday “class” differs from the Thursday “club” in that the class provides a more structured arc of learning aimed at expanding the participants current skills and knowledge, whereas the club is where participants share their own skills and projects with one another as they play.


Participants can join this program at any time.


Imagineering for kids

[Commencing Sunday 3rd April]

Imagineering is a class that introduces kids to the fundamental skills of making and programming. Students will take part in activities that teach 21st century skills, such as collaboration and critical thinking, through games and storytelling. At the end of the class, they will be given the opportunity to apply these skills to a hands on project using hand tools, craft materials, and digital fabrication tools (3D printers and the laser cutter). By focusing on these dispositions, students can develop a more permanent understanding of concepts in engineering and computer programming, which translate to making and beyond.



Inventioneering for kids

[Commencing Sunday 3rd April]

Do you often dream up ideas and inventions – but rarely ever get the chance to bring them to life? Using a combination of high tech tools (3D printing, laser cutting, electronics), wood working and craft, we provide the mentorship and structure to help you turn your sketched ideas into working prototypes – led by your own interests, imagination and ingenuity.

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Zero to Start Up (for youth 12 years +)

[Currently Running]
ZerotoStartup is a 13 week program, where youth will discover an enhanced view of their personal strengths while recognizing the importance of working as a team, develop entrepreneurial skills, and ignite a passion for technology. In teams, the youth will ideate, design, develop a product and present their solutions to solve real problems through technology. There are no prerequisites for their level of technology know-how.

School Programs

Bring your class to STEAMLabs, or have STEAMLabs visit you! Through inquiry and project based learning, we help students cover science, math and even art elements of the Ontario curriculum. With your classroom needs in mind, we’re ready to design a program that suits your students needs and interests. Contact for more information, and check out this awesome power grid project produced by a team of awesome Grade 6 students!