Laser Cut 3D Pepakura

Laser Cut 3D Pepakura



Challenge Level: None
Students per mentor

What is this workshop?


Pepakura is an online platform that allows you to turn 3D models or shapes in to 2D files for a laser cutter. In this workshop you will choose a pre-made 3D file from Thingiverse or another resource of your choice.  Together we teach you how to turn that 3D file in to a 2D map using the Pepakua platform, help you navigate the program, and use the laser cutter to fabricate in cardboard, card stock or paper. You can assemble your project in the lab using our hot glue guns, or you can take it home flat-packed to assemble later.


Who is this workshop for?


This workshop is perfect for people who are absolute beginners. We’ll start from the beginning, explain any technical language that we’re using, and help you troubleshoot along the way.


What do I bring?


Nothing needed! But if you have any materials you’d like to use – card stock, cardboard or paper – feel free to bring it in. If you happen to also have you’re own 3D file, please also bring it in. Files are in STL and should ideally contain less than 200 facets. No worries if you don’t know what either of these things are – we’re going to explain it all!

Adam Plavnikis



Saturday Oct 15, 430-630PM

Saturday Nov 5, 430-630PM

Saturday Nov 26, 430-630PM

Saturday Dec 17, 430-630PM

Saturday Jan 21, 430-630PM

Saturday Feb 11, 430-630PM

Saturday Mar 11, 430-630PM




STEAMLabs Maker Space, 192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto


$45 per person


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