7 and up - Age Range


Challenge Level: Low to Medium
Students per mentor

Minecraft Pro For Kids uses your child’s already established enthusiasm to extend their creative, collaborative, and problem solving skills. Participants will work alongside mentors to design worlds, build projects and undertake missions. Workshops are driven by the participant’s interests and imaginations – we provide the structure and support to help them learn and grow.


Advanced Minecraft topics will be taught in break-out sessions so that you can focus on what you need to know:

  • Installing Mods
  • Server Setup
  • Redstone
  • Computercraft – programmable computers within Minecraft
  • WorldEdit – commands to create complex structures
  • Citizens – add NPCs and program them to talk and interact with players
  • Online behaviour


Kids are also frequently experts in unique areas of Minecraft themselves. We encourage them to teach break-out sessions themselves – what better way to build confidence than leading others to new knowledge?


Parents are sometimes hesitant to allow their younger kids to interact with others online. It’s a big world out there, and it’s not all well behaved. Our supervised program eases kids into the online world, and teaches them to work well with others, and the skills they need to deal with those that don’t.


Tuesdays 430-630pm, September 12th onwards

Saturdays 10am-12noon, September 9th onwards

Drop in rate – $30 (sign up online to guarantee your spot)


10 Class Pass – $250 (expires after one year)


Sign up for a single session               Get a 10 class pass



I’m confused, how does this work?


Minecraft Pro is an ongoing drop-in class. You can just drop in and pay on the spot, or you can sign up in advance to guarantee your spot. We do cap the classes, but we anticipate that they will not be full in the first few weeks as momentum builds. You’ll also have a better chance of securing a drop-in spot if you have your own computer.


The ten class pass is a bulk discount option. You buy the 10 class pass, and then use the passes to either drop in, or sign up in advance. When you sign up to a class after buying a 10 class pass, the system will allow you to use those passes to claim your spot.