Imagineering Club

Imagineering Club

6-9 years old - Age Range


Challenge Level: Low to Medium
Students per mentor
  • Meera Balendran Director of Youth Programs
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Imagineering Club is an afterschool program for kids who have lots of ideas. At our makerspace, Imagineers will learn new technologies and making skills to bring their ideas to life!


New skills are required in the 21st century – problem solving, creativity, and collaboration. We nurture our Imagineers to develop these skills as they are designing and building their projects. Imagineers are resourceful, capable, independent and creative.


The program includes both structured activities and unstructured independent tinkering time using hand tools, craft materials, electronics, online digital tools like scratch and minecraft, and digital fabrication tools (3D printers and the laser cutter).


At the start of each two-week cycle, Imagineers will be presented with a new theme and a choice of micro-projects to discover and learn new skills. As they develop their capabilities, they will be encouraged to design their own projects. At the end of each two week cycle, Imagineers will showcase their projects and progress.


WHEN | Monday to Friday, 3:30pm-6pm


WHERE | STEAMLabs Makerspace 192 Spadina Ave, North of Queen


Note: we aim to have a staff member pick up participants right after school at Ogden and Alpha schools and walk them over to STEAMLabs. We need 5 confirmed participants from each school to make this happen.


AGE GROUP | 6-9 years old


FALL | Tuesday 5th September – Friday 21st December

WINTER | Monday 8th January – Friday 9th March

SPRING | Monday 19th March – Thursday 28th June


PRICE | $200 per month

Autopay each month, cancel anytime for the next month.


Imagineering Club includes:

  • structured activities and micro-projects each week
  • time to work on self-designed independent projects
  • quiet story / homework time
  • outside time at nearby parks


Imagineers will:

  • Use tools, craft materials, electronics, online digital tools (eg. minecraft, scratch, tinkerCAD etc), digital fabrication tools (3D printers and laser cutters) to work on projects
  • Be provided with a healthy after school snack
  • Have their own project book to plan, draw and document their ideas and projects
  • Learn how to generate ideas, make a plan and celebrate failures
  • Be mentored from our tech-trained educators


STEAMLabs teaching philosophy:

  • Project-based learning – learning by doing
  • Interest-based learning – learning by following your interests
  • Peer-to-peer learning – learn from and teach each others in the classroom
  • Networked learning – learn by seeking online and offline resources
  • Reflect & present – learn by keeping track of your projects and present them to a real audience


STEAMLabs Learning Values:

  • Lifelong learning
  • Inclusivity
  • Curiosity
  • Creative Confidence
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking


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