DIY Custom Swag Workshop

DIY Custom Swag Workshop



Challenge Level: None
Students per mentor

What is this workshop?


Learn how to use our laser cutter and Adobe Illustrator to create a custom laser cut stamp and stencil – great for personalizing items, making homemade cards, cushions, business cards, t-shirts, anything! We will provide a tote bag and a greeting card for you to personalize with your new stamp or stencil.


This workshop is for absolute beginners and no experience with laser cutting, illustrator or design is required.


  • How to create/manipulate shapes and use the pen tool to make your own designs in Illustrator
  • Create your own personalized design using pre-made images and/or icons (found on the internet or bring in your own inspiration)
  • Learn how laser cutters work and how to operate one
  • If you have a background in vector graphics, you’re welcome to produce your own designs from scratch


But what is laser cutting?


Laser cutters take digital designs and cut them precisely into flat materials using a high-powered laser beam. Laser cutters can cut into wood, plastics, fabric, paper and even food. With higher power, the laser beam will cut right through, and with lower power, the laser will etch the surface of the material so that you can add decorations or imagery to your work.

Adam Plavnikis

Spring 2017 Dates:


1.5 hour workshop [instruction time] + 1 hour making time [continue working on your projects]


Tuesday July 25th, 630pm-9pm


Tuesday August 8th, 630pm-9pm


Thursday August 24th, 630-9pm




STEAMLabs Maker Space, 192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto




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