ARDUINO ROBOTICS for kids | Spring 2017
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ARDUINO ROBOTICS for kids | Spring 2017

10 years old and up - Age Range


Challenge Level: Low to Medium
Students per mentor
  • Meera Balendran Director of Youth Programs
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In this 7-week program you will learn the basics of robotics, electronics, coding & construction, through the design and construction of your very own robot.


Using Arduino (robot “brains”), electronic components, web programming (HTML & CSS), 3D printing and craft supplies, you’ll go home with an applied understanding of how real-life robots work and what is involved in bringing them to life.


You could make a remote controlled creature that shows its mood through it’s colour-changing eyes. Or program a trip-wire in your Minecraft world to set off an alarm bell on your desk. Monitor your hamster’s water level and send you an email when it’s low. Wire up an Internet brain to anything you can think of, the possibilities are endless!


Each participant and group will have a parts budget to spend on the components they need:

  • Spark Core / Photon Arduino compatible microcontroller
  • Servo motors for precise motion
  • Continuous rotation motors for wheels and other drive mechanisms
  • Wide range of sensors such as light sensors, motion detectors, pressure sensors, trigger switches and more


Want to know a bit more about what we might be doing during this class? Check out this article in MAKE Magazine written by STEAMLabs founder Andy Forest:


7 Week Program – $225 (includes all materials)


Tuesdays 430-630pm

Round 1: March 21st – May 2nd

Round 2: May 9th – June 20th


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Saturdays 3:30-5:30pm

Round 1: March 25th – May 6th



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