Exchange Member Program
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Exchange Member Program



STEAMLabs is a community makerspace where people of all ages build projects using digital fabrication tools (like laser cutters and 3D printers), code, craft, wood and electronics. We offer memberships for those looking to share space and tools, and interest-led project-based maker education programs for adults, kids and educators. We believe that making enables our creative autonomy, capacity for life-long learning, and the decentralization of technological innovation.


What’s the Exchange Member program?

Exchange Members are golden-hearted humans who keep our non-profit community makerspace ticking  – they support our maker programs and member services for one shift (3-4 hours) a week in exchange for membership.

What do Exchange Members do?

There are two kinds of Exchange Members – Community Animators & Mentors. Here’s what each of these roles do:



  • Mentor in our youth programs – you’ll be assigned to a youth program, and come in once a week to support participants (6-17 years old) to build their own interest-lead projects using new and old tools and technologies. In some cases, you’ll be assigned your own students / group to work with, and will be responsible for supporting them to move forward with their project.
  • Help set up, pack up and keep things tidy – our programs are designed for controlled chaos, so you’ll work with our staff to keep LEDs in containers, wires wrapped up, wood chips swept, craft materials sorted and glue unglued from tables.
  • Welcome parents and participants – we’ll need your help greeting parents, singing participants in and helping them get oriented.
  • Help us make our programs better – we do a lot of things right, but there is always room to improve the experience of participants, parents and mentors. You’ll take part in debriefs and provide us with feedback so we can keep evolving how we engage with our community.



  • Run the Welcome Desk – welcome newbies, members, parents and participants, sign people in, run transactions, and support with administrative tasks as needed.
  • Be a Host – be the point of contact for members, help staff set up for classes or events, give tours, troubleshoot tools, and support staff where needed.
  • Keep the lab looking top notch– sweep, dust and keep the lab tidy, comfortable and useable.
  • Onboard new members – give scheduled tours to prospective members and onboard them in to our community.


The Commitment


Exchange Memberships are for people who want to be meaningfully engaged in our organization. Our expectation is that Exchange Members will commit for a 6 month period, contribute professionally, and integrate us into their lives so we can count on their support each week.


In return, we offer you all the perks of a membership, including access to space and tools. On top of that, you’ll receive free tool training, get behind the scenes experience running a makerspace, and be super-connected to the community as a representative of STEAMLabs.


Ready to apply?


Sound like something you can handle? Great! We’re currently accepting applications for Fall & Winter. Fill out the form below by September 8th 2017 and we’ll get back to you asap.

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